Welcome To Natty Netty


Welcome to the new look Natty Netty website, please click on the 'Shop' link to the left to view our products.

Established in 2005, Natty Netty is a UK business which sells card making materials specialising in Iris Folding and Wedding Stationery.

We offer a fast and friendly service to all whether you are making your first ever card or are an established small business.

Previously with a bricks and mortar shop (winning Best Independant Retailer in the 2010 Craft Business Awards) Natty Netty is now purely an online business meaning we can keep our overheads down and our prices low. 

***TUES 5th DECEMBER 2017 - The new delivery has now arrived so everything is back in stock! ***

***FRI 1st DECEMBER 2017 - Apologies for the low stock levels, a new delivery is due next week and we'll update the home page as soon as it's arrived***

***WED 11th OCTOBER 2017 - All items now back in stock!!!***

***SAT 7th OCTOBER 2017 - The Christmas designs are selling out fast again but never fear as a new delivery is due this Wednesday***

***MON 25th SEPTEMBER 2017 - Apologies for the lack of Christmas stock over the weekend, we've now had our delivery so they are all back in stock! We've also added 4 new designs; Angel, Lantern, House and Umbrella***

***WED 20th SEPTEMBER 2017 - The bad news is that a lot of our Christmas designs have sold out but the good news is that we're expecting another delivery on Monday which will also contain a couple of new designs***

***FRI 1st SEPTEMBER 2017 - All items are now back in stock but selling fast***

***TUES 29th AUGUST 2017 - Orders are flying out at the moment meaning stock is getting low, apologies for this but the good news is that a new delivery is due on Friday *** 

***SUN 20th AUGUST 2017 - Thank you for your patience during our annual holiday, we have now caught up with last week's orders and current orders are being dispatched typically within 24 hours ***